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Company Description


Located in Montreal, QC, Cigo Tracker is a technology company in rapid growth, working in a booming industry; last-mile logistics. Our main product offering targets the needs of SMEs,
SMBs, and large Enterprise businesses fulfilling deliveries from their distribution centers to end consumers and/or other businesses.

Our goal is to empower businesses with a simple but powerful set of tools that enable them to significantly increase their operational efficiency, give visibility within their logistics operations, and make their customers happier with real-time delivery notifications and tracking. You’ll work with a diverse team of engineers who believe in code quality and in continuous improvement. We provide access to online learning resources to fuel your learning and growth.

Job Description


  • Contribute to overall product and company goals, both in terms of new developments of features and projects, as well as maintenance items (bug fixes, performance enhancements, security vulnerability remediations, etc.)

  • Develop new microservices with high scalability requirements

    • Important: Your work continuously needs to have scale, performance and reliability in mind

  • Be involved in the horizontal and vertical engineering of new features, and the revision of existing feature sets

  • Use innovative/cutting-edge technologies to solve complex problems related to SaaS and high availability systems in the context of modern-day logistics operations


Technologies you’ll most likely work with:

These technologies will vary depending on the tasks you are assigned, but you’ll likely work with:

  • PHP 7+ (Yii, Laravel, etc.)

  • Node.js & Express.js

  • HTTP REST APIs, development, and documentation (OAS 3)

  • React and/or Angular

  • jQuery (maintenance and eventual replacement)

  • HTML5 & CSS3

You currently have/are:

  • Specialized higher education (e.g. Software Engineering or Computer Science) and/or significant experience in Software Development

  • Significant experience developing in PHP 7+ and solid foundations in OOP (Object
    Oriented Programming)

    • Experience working with REST API responses in JSON

    • Experience working with NoSQL data storage (e.g. MongoDB, Firestore)

    • Experience with one or more modern PHP frameworks, such as Laravel, Yii, Symfony, etc.

  • Experience with RESTful API development

  • Significant experience with React

  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript

    • TypeScript is an asset; you will work with React and Angular in TypeScript

  • Knowledge of relational (e.g. MySQL) and non-relational databases (e.g. MongoDB)

  • Very well versed in Git (both GUI and command line) and best practices in version control for web development

  • Experience with unit testing in a CI/CD environment

  • Very strong analytical and written communication skills

  • Capacity to quickly learn and get familiar with the ins and outs of multiple interconnected systems

  • Experience with any of the following is an asset/bonus:

    • Azure services

    • AWS SDKs and APIs

    • Docker

    • Angular

    • Familiar with the Atlassian product suite (Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence)

Additional Information

Culture of continuous improvement, both personally and professionally, as well as individuals and as a team. We strive to better ourselves and our product offerings while solving a real industry problem with the platform and tools our team builds.

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