Senior PHP Developer and Systems/SRE Role Overview


Service Desk Associate/Website Administrator

At Fruition, we build and protect enterprise-grade websites for businesses and government agencies. We are hiring a Senior PHP Developer and SRE with experience in containerized environments, specifically Kubernetes with Rancher management.

The ideal candidate has a strong background in backend PHP development, primarily with Drupal and WordPress websites, and a solid understanding of system engineering work. You must be very comfortable setting up new instances and managing many websites in Kubernetes.

Senior PHP Developer/SRE Job Description

The Senior PHP Developer & SRE Engineer assists with the full release lifecycle for all of Fruition’s development projects, including the management of the tools we use and the overall code and health of each project related to security updates and underlying server applications used (i.e. PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc.). Additionally, this role will have billable allocations to meet, supporting the team with website development needs.

This role reports to the VP of Web Development and will work closely with our CTO to ensure larger infrastructure objectives are met. 

This role is a combination of services that are billable to Clients and nonbillable services that benefit the entire developer team.

Manage all aspects of the DevOps practice for our organization, including:

  • Onboarding of new hosting, service desk, or implementation projects
    • Responsible for onboarding new hosting clients, including having technical client conversations with technical contacts with collaboration through the PM team to launch sites within our environments.
    • Responsible for setting up all new deployment pipelines to staging and production environments for newly onboarded service desks and implementation projects.
    • Integrating repos and deployment pipelines into third-party hosting providers outside of our suite of technology partners (i.e. other hosting platforms).
    • Update, troubleshoot, and automate deployments, pipelines, and other SRE tasks that require a strong understanding of infra and application.
  • Assist with responding to critical website outages and/or infrastructure issues.
    • Ability to be fully available during working hours to respond to internal and client communications, as well as potential critical outages. Some scheduled after-hours on-call is required.
  • Management of third-party tools (e.g. GitLab, GitHub, BuddyWorks)
    • Responsible for regular auditing and keeping our various platforms tidy and free of clutter (i.e. removing partial project starts, unused staging sites, unused deployment pipelines, inactive sites using storage, etc…).
    • Responsible for understanding the current spending on our tools and working with the VP of Web Development and our acting CTO to make decisions that will impact our P&L.
    • Owning the documentation around how Fruition utilizes these third-party tools.
    • In some cases, partially owning the partnership relationships with these third-parties encourages leads and shared opportunities.
  • Troubleshooting issues and general support to developers
    • Ensure local development, deployments, and the overall DevOps workflow stays unobstructed and provides a solid developer experience.
    • Provide support to developer team members when pipelines are stuck and document fixes to ensure organization-wide implementation when necessary.
  • Implementation of DevOps best practices across our organization
    • You will be the DevOps evangelist for our team and will hold the team to a higher standard for following our DevOps best practices.
    • To do this, you will document our DevOps best practices and regularly inform the team of updates or changes to processes.
    • Keep on top of current trends and technologies to implement changes that will make our team more efficient in doing their jobs.
  • Documentation for tools and processes
    • This role will require detailed documentation of how our DevOps is implemented across various platforms and technologies within Fruition’s dev docs.
    • Ensure documentation is robust and allows our development team to troubleshoot and fix issues on their own, as well as be self sufficient to complete normal tasks (setting up new environments, launching site) without major assistance.
  • Security automation within our DevOps practice
    • Focus on security automations such as dependency security scanning to provide streamlined and reportable updates. 
  • Continue to level up your skills and competencies for both existing technologies and new ones, especially as we move to more JAM stack-based applications.

Work as a Developer, focused on the following tasks:

  • Provide support to implementation and service desk teams for frontend and backend development tasks, including writing new code, maintaining and refactoring existing code, and/or doing code reviews to ensure all members of Fruition’s team are meeting our coding standards for Drupal and WordPress websites. You may be pulled into projects to provide senior-level developer guidance on approaches to technical problems.
  • Attend regular developer standups and give updates on projects you are actively involved with.
  • Stay up-to-date on the various CMS’ and other technologies that we use as a part of our implementation and service desk work.
  • Log billable hours with the following weekly billable target goal of 50%:
    • 20 hours billable per week
    • 20 hours per week of infrastructure work, devops/hosting support, and internal meetings

Senior PHP Developer/SRE Required Key Skills and Education
  • 8+ years experience in backend PHP Development.
  • 5+ years of experience managing containerized sites with Kubernetes and Rancher.
  • Solid ownership of common systems engineering tasks such as updating images, deployments, and troubleshooting.
  • Proclivity to automating away recurring issues and bugs.
  • Experience working with containerized hosting environments
  • Knowledge of enterprise-level technologies such as Varnish, Redis, and APIs
  • Experience with Prometheus, grafana, and loki.
  • Tech stack includes Docker Hub, Github, Gitlab, GCP, DO, AWS,, and additional tooling when appropriate.
  • Experience in non-containerized hosting environments and ability to problem-solve issues with our clients that may be transitioning to our hosting
  • Experience implementing and troubleshooting CI/CD pipelines to various hosting environments
  • Strong organizational skills, with the ability to balance competing priorities and keep various stakeholders informed of task/project status.
  • Ability to be fully available during working hours to respond to internal and client communications, as well as potential critical outages. Some scheduled after-hours on-call may be required.
  • Expertise in creating and implementing custom themes and plugins.
  • Experienced in connecting WordPress/Drupal/applications to third-party services using API integrations and plugins.
  • Strong understanding of front-end skills, including solid experience with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Experience with the application build process and pre/post-build 
  • Experience managing projects and deployments with Jira and GitLab (or similar)
  • Ability to provide technical leadership and direction to local, remote, and offshore teammates.
  • Strong customer service and customer-facing communication skills
  • Ability to work proactively with a development team to identify issues and articulate solutions to present to stakeholders
  • Knowledgeable and opinionated about software maintainability. Skill in OOP development patterns that yield maintainable code.
  • Contributions, in line with company open-source engagement policies and procedures, to WordPress/Drupal and other upstream projects.
  • Self-driven continuing education on framework and broader software development practices.
  • Comfort at the SQL command line.
  • Skills in writing unit, kernel, browser and functional tests, and can debug them in the IDE.
  • Debugging with Xdebug and other profilers/debuggers, as appropriate.
  • Sufficient knowledge of front-end/ECMAscript frameworks to oversee implementation of decoupled solutions, e.g. with Vue or React.
  • Working knowledge of Twig and the ability to debug same locally with an IDE.
  • Skill in Sass/Less, CSS Grid and Flexbox.
  • Experience as a member of a team using SDLC basics like CI/CD, constructive code review and mentoring of juniors.
  • Strong command-line git skill.
  • US-based and eligible to work as a W2 employee. Background check required.

Fruition Benefits Summary
  • Ownership opportunities
  • Work/Life Balance – opportunities for flex schedule and remote work
  • Flexible Paid Time Off Policy 
  • Health insurance including medical, dental, and vision (partial employer-paid medical)
  • Life insurance, short- and long-term disability, and supplemental voluntary benefits
  • 401(k) with company match
  • Parental Leave
  • Sabbatical 
  • Ongoing training and development
  • Employee social and fundraising events

Salary Range

$100,000 to $130,000 annual salary, commensurate with experience, skills, education, tenure, and/or training.

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