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We have an exciting opportunity for a Senior Magento / PHP Developer who is seeking a full-time – remote or hybrid role (in office, some of the time). We’re looking for a self-motivated Developer with ideas that are unconventional, fresh, and smart. You have a hands-on get it done attitude and never hesitate to roll up your sleeves in an instant to show a team member how it’s done.

You’ll have the opportunity to design and build a highly integrated E-commerce platform that is highly enhanced in ways that improve conversion ratios and profitability.

You will develop and be taking the lead with working in a variety of new projects, writing custom functionality, and architect sites with highly enhanced functionality.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. E-commerce site development and maintenance
  • Write custom Magento2 PHP extensions and enhancements

Chef Works has many unique business work-flows not covered by standard Magento modules on the market. Example of such business work-flows:

  • Customized Punchout (B2B protocol)
  • International order routing
  • Complex pricing rules
  • Evaluate and install 3rd party Magento2 extensions and tools
  • Write end-to-end Selenium automated tests

Chef Works is endeavoring to have a high/consistent quality site via QA and test automation. Automated test writing requires a full-stack knowledge of the E-commerce system:

  • Front-end code (Javascript, Typescript, CSS, HTML, browser devtools, debugging)
  • Back-end code (PHP, Python, debugging)
  • Monitor systems

Read system notifications, error messages, monitor dashboards and intervene as necessary

  • Fix bugs

Fix bugs found through QA procedures, continuous integration tests or reported by customers

2. Legacy system integration

  • Port over legacy PHP E-commerce systems and functionality to new Magento2 E-commerce platform

Chef Works has a few aging E-commerce systems destined to be ported to the new platform. This will require existing system analysis and use of knowledge in the following areas:

  • PHP code evaluation and debugging
  • SQL queries and RDBMS table designin
  • Write tools for data communication between legacy systems and new E-commerce platform

The data communication between the E-commerce platform and legacy systems goes both ways – some data needs to be exported from the Magento E-commerce, while some other data need to be imported. Examples:

  • Export order/customer data to accounting and ERP
  • Import order shipment information and product inventory/pricing from accounting
  • Using XML processing, high availability message queues, SQL

3. Cloud Infrastructure

  • Design an enhanced “zero downtime” cloud cluster layout for our E-commerce platform and other constrained computing resources

We have seen an increase in need for more computing resources for the sake of running our E-commerce platform over the last years. While our new platform will be running on the cloud from day 1, we already see some limitations with its current state and will be building a better next version soon. The new topography will need to include the following:

  • HA (High availability)
  • Scalability
  • Fast hardware
  • Efficient caching
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Zero downtime (e.g. during hardware/software failure or due to new code deployment

Core Competencies:

  • Technical Skills
  • Ethics
  • Quality Quantity
  • Professionalism
  • Active Listening
  • Adaptability
  • Judgment
  • Dependability
  • Innovation

Work Environment:

Selected candidate will have the option to work from our Corporate offices in Poway, CA or work 100% remotely or a combination of the two. This role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, monitors and phones. The work environment is typically quiet.


Essential functions:

  1. Minimum of 3-5 years PHP web development experience
  2. Firm grasp of Git-based source control
  3. Competent with PHP object-oriented programming
  4. Competent with MySQL-based database concepts
  5. Proven experience with Magento / Magento 2 and 3rd Party APIs
  6. Familiarity with automated deployment strategies
  7. Solutions-oriented thinking; always looking for the smart solution to a problem rather than jumping at the first answer
  8. A passion for staying on top of industry trends and technologies

Background and experience must also include knowledge of an experience with the following:

  1. Competent knowledge of e-commerce data organization and relationships
  2. Store catalog (categories/products/attributes)
  3. Sales orders (quotes/orders/invoices/shipments/credits)
  4. Competent in authoring JavaScript and using libraries such as jQuery
  5. Experience working with agile methodologies
  6. Proficiency with PHP5 and MySQL from an OOP perspective
  7. Proficiency with PHP frameworks such as Zend framework
  8. Proficiency with database schema design
  9. Proficiency with LAMP Server administration
  10. Working knowledge of GIT / Gitlab
  11. Unit testing/API testing experience, creating test plans
  12. Replication/Failover/Load-balanced environments
  13. Deployment management
  14. Experience optimizing and refactoring application code
  15. Have experience optimizing web server configurations and scaling web applications
  16. Competent in web services integrations (REST/SOAP)
  17. A desire to be personally responsible for production-level code
  18. Comfort working with Linux-based systems

The following skills / abilities are a plus, but not required

  • In-depth knowledge of PCI/PA-DSS compliance issues
  • Experience in ERP integrations is a huge plus
  • Experience with caching and scaling techniques
  • Experience in multi-store e-commerce implementations
  • Experience with CSS preprocessors like SASS/LESS
  • Contributions to the open-source community
Salary Description
$100,000 – $150,000 per year, plus bonus

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